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TCT Conference

TCT Conference

Inspiration. Knowledge. Value.

TCT Show Main ConferenceThe TCT Conference delivers deep technical know-how and inspirational application studies across the spectrum of 3D technologies.

Neatly divided into streams to enable an efficient visit, the TCT Conference has hosted global Blue Chips (Intel, Adidas, Johnson and Johnson), universities and research organisations, SMEs and more across its 20 year history.

All visitors can attend the TCT Conference with 12 hours of free programming.

Speakers from the UK, Europe, USA and Asia will deliver a truly global perspective ensuring your time out of the workplace will be of maximum value.




For an idea of what to expect at the TCT Conference in 2018, check out our video archive from the 2017 event:

  • Dave Burns

    26 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    With over 35 years’ industry experience, Dave Burns is undoubtedly one of the key figures within the additive manufacturing market.
  • Simon Roberts

    26 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    This presentation will reveal how McLaren Honda’s partnership with 3D printing leader, Stratasys, enables the race team to take innovation within F1 to a completely new level.
  • Dr Sharon Flank

    26 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    The shift from 3D prototyping to additive manufacturing (AM) raises major issues in IP (intellectual property) protection.
  • Mike Curtis-Rouse

    26 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    In this presentation, applications both current, future and conceptual will be discussed, looking at where Additive Manufacturing is giving us the ability to manufacture in space.
  • Dr Filomeno Martina

    26 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    This presentation will provide a general overview of the Wire + Arc Additive Manufacture (WAAM) process.
  • Ernst Poppe

    26 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    Application development using additive manufacturing methods in engineering segments, such as automotive, requires as much effort as in traditional injection moulding or extrusion.
  • Dr Junfeng Yang

    26 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    This talk will look at an investigation carried out on improving the aerodynamic performance of a front wing for a Formula Student racing car, through rapid prototyping (3D print technique)
  • Felix Holst

    26 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    Felix Holst describes how a small automotive start up in California is redefining the way vehicles are conceived, engineered and produced, by combining the ethos of the 20th century Hot Rodder
  • Sam Onukuri

    27 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    Johnson & Johnson is working to change the landscape of healthcare through 3D printing innovations.
  • Shashi Jain

    27 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    This session will look at how Intel closed the loop between design, sensors, and data to create a smart, highly personalized wearable.
  • Raj Nai

    27 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    In this presentation, Raj Nair will discuss how the innovative use of currently available technologies have been used to make two dentistry cases simpler.
  • Jane Collingwood

    27 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    An early pilot study with students and staff has received excellent feedback and we are now rolling out a wider trial.
  • Richard Trimlet

    27 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    Consultant cardiac surgeon Mr Richard Trimlet took the the TCT Show stage to show exactly how hospitals are using 3D printing today and how they will continue to do so in the future.
  • Achala de Mel

    27 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    There is an unmet need for artificial tissue to address current limitations with donor organs and problems with donor site morbidity.
  • Boyd Goldie

    27 Sep 2017 | Main Stage
    Mr Goldie explains his journey to be able to use open source software and a desktop 3D printer, to produce a 3D model of a fracture within hours rather than days of a CT scan being done.
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Tuesday 25 Sept  9:30 - 17:00
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Thursday 27 Sept  9:30 - 16:00

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