Speak amongst industry pioneers at the TCT Conference

Speak amongst industry pioneers at the TCT Conference

The audience of the TCT Show Conference contains some of the sharpest minds in industry, and bright minds are always seeking further enlightenment. As TCT Group opens up its call for presentations for the TCT Show 2018 Conference, it's your opportunity to impart some wisdom that helps to accelerate 3D technologies.

Bringing together end-users, academics, researchers and expert analysts, the TCT Show 2018 Conference takes place in Birmingham, UK, 25-27th September 2018.

The TCT Group aims to provide a balanced programme that meets the variety of skill levels and interests of the conference audience through innovative, engaging and inspiring talks on emerging themes, issues and research on 3D technologies.

Submission Information

  • Applications of 3D technologies in new product development
  • Design-to-manufacturing innovation in automotive applications
  • Aerospace applications of 3D technologies
  • AM and 3D printing research and academia
  • New materials and processes
  • 3D technologies in medical and dental
  • Design for AM
  • Consumer applications of 3D technologies
  • Software for product development and manufacture
  • Solutions for AM in series production
  • Business for AM
  • Sustainability/Environment