Top 5 Reasons to Attend TCT Show

Top 5 Reasons to Attend TCT Show

Being recognised as a world-class company is only achieved by constantly improving every part of your design-to-manufacturing process chain.

The pace of development in technology, materials and software​ is incredible and w​ith over 300 cutting-edge exhibitors that CAN help you enhance your design and manufacturing process, it is no surprise that more than 10,000 professionals from product development, engineering and manufacturing functions choose to attend the TCT Show every year.

Here are the top five reasons they cite:

1. INNOVATIONS – Every year the TCT Show is the launch pad for multiple product introductions and company debuts. Be the first to see the latest technologies, materials and software – the keys to your future success are live on the show floor.

2. INTERACTION – Live events are fantastic for seeing that new technology up close and personal, you can touch it and test it. Equally networking with the most ambitious technology users and the world’s best technology providers will leave you energised and motivated.

3. INSIGHTS –You will gain business critical insights and get a glimpse the future of manufacturing from experts, thought leaders and the best brains in the sector. You will return to your organisation equipped with an understanding of how to apply the technologies of tomorrow.

4. INTELLIGENCE – A world-class multi-stage conference programme curated by the TCT team to ensure you take home more knowledge than you arrive with. Our speakers are chosen because they educate and inspire on a range of hot topics and issues that we know you are interested in.

5. INSPIRATION - You are walking into the industry’s largest knowledge transfer network, projects you haven’t even imagined yet will be brought one step closer to reality with the skills, understanding and ideas you’ll pick up at TCT Show

Whatever your mission, find your insights, intelligence and inspiration at TCT Show.