Stand number: G83
AddiFab supplies a line of proprietary printers, accessories and materials, and is the inventor of Freeform Injection Molding (FIM). This transformative platform leapfrogs conventional prototyping by combining the short leadtimes, low start-up costs and design freedom from AM with the versatility and scalability of injection Molding. FIM means faster productyping, continuous iterations, and access to the entire range of Injection Molding materials from day one. Injection Molding a batch-of-one or many, has never been easier.
Represented Companies: Trace PT
3D Printing Machine Manufacturer – Metals 3D Printing Machine Manufacturer – Non Metals 3DP/AM/Rapid Prototyping Bureaux AM Machine Manufacturers AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Ceramic (for manufacturing) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Ceramic (for prototyping) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Composite (for prototyping) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Composite (for manufacturing) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Metals (for manufacturing ) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Metals (for prototyping) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Other Non Metal (for mfg) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Other Non Metal (for ptg) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Plastic (for manufacturing) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Plastic (for prototyping) AM/3DP Machine Suppliers Material Distributions & Manufacturers Moulding Technologies Tooling

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