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Stand number: D110
BOC provides a complete range of precision atmospheric gases and gas supply solutions across the additive manufacturing value chain, as well as advice and guidance to help manufacturers achieve their process, quality, productivity and cost targets. The business is leading the way in understanding and harnessing the effects that atmospheric gases have on the additive manufacturing process and has developed a suite of precision solutions to help the industry achieve the very best manufacturing results.
AM Machine Manufacturers AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Ceramic (for manufacturing) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Ceramic (for prototyping) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Composite (for prototyping) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Composite (for manufacturing) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Metals (for manufacturing ) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Metals (for prototyping) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Plastic (for manufacturing) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Plastic (for prototyping) Machine Tools Post Processing Technology & Services

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