Babyplast UK - Trace PT Limited
Stand number: G83
Babyplast is a world leader in micro injection moulding machines. The range has horizontal and vertical configuration machines of 6 tonne and 10 tonne clamping force. Additionally, there is a secondary injection system which can be used in conjunction with the H and V machines to enable the injection and moulding of two different materials into the same mould tool or it can be used independently or in conjunction with other suitable manufacture equipment.
Represented Companies: Babyplast. AddiFab
AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Ceramic (for manufacturing) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Ceramic (for prototyping) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Composite (for prototyping) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Composite (for manufacturing) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Metals (for manufacturing ) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Metals (for prototyping) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Other Non Metal (for mfg) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Other Non Metal (for ptg) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Plastic (for manufacturing) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Plastic (for prototyping) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Wax (for manufacturing) AM/3DP Machine Mfr – Wax (for prototyping) AM/3DP Machine Suppliers Moulding Technologies Other

Babyplast UK (Trace PT Ltd)
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MK14 6GD

United Kingdom

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