Promote your brand to 10,000+ engaged visitors

With a range of sponsorship opportunities on offer, TCT Show is the perfect place to gain valuable exposure for your business.

Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness or promote a specific product/service to our 10,000+ visitors, we have a range of bespoke options to suit your requirements.

You can find out more about these options below.



A fantastic opportunity to get in the minds of your targets as they rest for the day. Events are long days, legs get tired and minds get weary. Everyone seeks a point to rest and re-energise. Take this opportunity to personally engage with these attendees. Enabling your company with a relaxed natural networking opportunity where relationships can flourish.

Prices from £3,500

People are often more receptive in periods of reflection, gain mindshare during this receptive period. Bring in attendees and capitalise by having a company representative on site to engage network . An exclusive opportunity to build new relationships and uncover new potential business opportunities. A dedicated area to charging of personal devices, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones. 

Price £4,000

Connect your organisation with C-Suite level management at this 'invitation only' meeting place. This is an opportunity to gain entry into the circle of the most influential and esteemed professionals in the industry. Get noticed, get connected and ensure you are well placed to capitalise on new relationships and the opportunities that will arise from this sponsorship opportunity. 

Price £10,000

The Exhibitor icebreaker at TCT is always a great evening. OVer 250 key movers and shakers in the industry attend to network and relax after a day 1 of the show. Sponsoring the icebreaker can put you front and centre of their minds. Your brand will take centre stage at the event with a wrap-around package that incorporates maximum visibility before the event, a dominating presence during and a nice retrospective to ensure everyone remembers who paid for their drinks. 

Price £12,000



As 8000+ attendees arrive their first touchpoint is the registration area. Every attendee goes through this zone at least twice a day, and in some instances many more times. Make your brand the first thing attendees see as they enter halls. The option ensures both brand and booth awareness to increase footfall to investment and weekly activity. 

Price £12,000

We are excited to offer brand positioning a this point of deliberation. Registration floor sponsorship offers a real wow factor and is something that will be remembered beyond the show. This opportunity to dominate the floor space on entrance and between booths will ensure you stand out across the 3 days. Your brand will always be visible and remembered by future customers and potential partners. Only available with Registration Zone sponsorship.  

Price £7,500

Maximum exposure and visibility offering excellent value in brand recall and association. Lanyards are in demand, they are everywhere you look onsite, offsite and always on each attendee across the 3-day show. Every interaction between the attendees means your lanyard is in sight and winning mindshare, the right design can be a major talking point. 

Price £7,500

This is a unique opportunity to gain huge brand visibility as the exclusive sponsor of the event bags. Branding across all event areas and beyond. No matter where people are within the hall, your logo will always be on display for everyone to see at all times. Your branding isn't constrained within the hall, as visitors leave the event, they will carry your logo onto buses, trains and car parks. 

Price £5,000

As attendees arrive they are met by an expansive floor plan offering full view of the exhibitors. It is here they decide where to go first. Constantly sought out and referred to across the days the You Are Here Boards guide attendees throughout the show. Perfect time to influence visitors to visit you. Ensure maximum return for your booth Investment. This is a real standout option for increasing visitor numbers on site. 

Price £5,000

Do you support the growth of the Additive Industry? Does your company have goals and objectives to be a part of new products and ensure they are in prime position to capitalise on new projects and opportunities? The acceleration zone sponsor will ensure you are well positioned to achieve this. Show your support for the grassroots of the industry. Position as a supporter and driver of innovation. 

Price £10,000

Paint the hall in your colours. Aisle Banners and Column Wraps. Turn the hall into your organisations brand for complete beyond the booth exposure. Once attendees find the booths they want to visit they look to the skies for guidance...from the aisle banners. By placing your brand here you achieve a high visibility score and massively increase brand awareness and recall. 

Price £10,000


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