The NEC is clearly signposted on the M42, M40 and M6 with extensive parking facilities on site. The closest airport is Birmingham International.

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If you require a visa to attend TCT Show, it is essential that you begin the application process as soon as possible in order to obtain your visa in time.

Visa application procedures for entering many countries, and in particular the UK, have become stricter and more complex following recent terrorist activities, and therefore it can take much longer to process your application than in previous years. You can find useful information as GOV.UK.

You must submit your own application to the relevant authority and follow up accordingly. TCT Show, is unable to follow up your application on your behalf or enter into direct correspondence with consulates.

A Visa Support Letter will only be issued for Speakers and Exhibitors who have been invited by TCT Show or who have paid their exhibition registration fee in full. Once we have approved the abstract and confirmed a time slot for the proposed Speaker / confirmed receipt of payment from the proposed Exhibitor we will need full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number and passport expiry date - Only then can we issue a Visa Support Letter. The Visa Support Letter will confirm the event’s title, date and location. It will also confirm whether the individual is a Speaker or Exhibitor.

A Visa Support Letter does not imply any undertaking to provide funding nor act as a financial guarantee for your stay in the UK.

TCT Show, reserves the right not to issue a Visa Support Letter in certain cases even if above conditions have been met. Exhibition Fees will not be refunded in the case of a Visa not being obtained.


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